Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lasagna a la Francaise (Self Explanatory)

"What word do the French use for lasagna?", he says.



So lasagna meets Julia and my afternoon is born. This is decadent and like no other lasagna I've ever prepared! Thanks to Wanda for the recomendation. Consisting of not one but TWO prepared from scratch sauces it did take much of the afternoon to prepare (I need two stoves - and more pots)

As the sound of Nascar fills my background the marinara first, then the noodles, sauteing mushrooms, spinach, chicken and turkey........ and just when I thought it couldn't possibly smell better in here? The wine and onion bechamel. *Swoon*

An assembly line of ingredients layed into the pan with care and method. A true work of art I thought to myself as I tucked it into the oven.

So I have a quip about the recipe. Two 2qt saucepans of sauce are called for to be made. One, the marina, is only dolloped sparingly over the top. Two, the bechamel? I only used half the quantity and thought possibly I had used too much in my lasagna. If I'd have realized before hand I'd have cooked more noodles and made a second pan! Once the dish sat for awhile to rest it was fine. I guess I'm having spaghetti and meatballs sometime this week. ;)

Definately not your typical lasgna. Definately worth the effort. DEFINATELY delicious!


  1. Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes, however, mine usually comes from the frozen section at Publix. (Remove from box, put in oven.) I wasn't sure how this was going to tie into French cooking, but leave it to Rachel - she did it. This version ROCKS! I have to agree with the author, though. The process was a bit labor intensive. So much so, that I had to take a mid-afternoon nap while she continued the preparation. The end result was well worth the effort and there's a bonus - LEFTOVERS!

  2. Oh my! That looks so rich and yummy! Would it be weird if I licked the screen?! LOL!

    How was the bechamel to make? I've never made one. Easy enough?

    If Al can't eat all the leftovers, feel free to send them my way! =)

  3. Rachel, Your "lasagne" looks absolutely yummy. I give you credit ... so adventurous and hard-working on a Sunday. Al provided support, too, by staying out of the kitchen. Wanda

  4. Just had my side of the family and Vic's family for a first time ever family gathering. A mixture of Plummers (my family is German, Irish, English, French and Dutch) and the Ingraffia's (they are Italian, half from the north and half from the south of Italy) sharing lots of similar stories (the older generations that is).

    As has been the case since September, all of my food today was organic including my half a young cow (I think we had 4 different cuts of beef, everyone thought I'd made way too much, there's about 1 lb or less of the meat left now).

    Somehow the conversation wound up on lasagne and it was decided I'll soon make a fried eggplant lasagne. The Bechamel would go so perfect in this! When you two come up, GAME IS ON in our kitchen! will be recording!

    Looking forward to cooking with you again, Rachel! We'll have to get Angela over to pour the wine. :D

    Oh...get this...found out my mostly German heritage on my mom's side of the family came from Black Forest, Germany. must know that my absolute favorite desert is BLACK FOREST CAKE! Coincidence...I think not. We may have to attempt that as well.



  5. Rachel, It looks fantastic. Who takes the pictures? They are very good.
    All of Julia's recipes take lots of time as well as lots of utensils,including pots and pans. I speak from experience.
    I may try this version of lasagna, too.
    Enjoy the leftovers

  6. Martha - Bechamel is not difficult at all. Needs constant attention till it comes together but really, not difficult. As I've found with most of julia's dishes - method, method, method. Worth the effort. :)

    Mish - That DOES sound like an adventure! Copius amount of butter, Monkey. We'll have to check into gluten info as well for you. Game on!

    Sewglo - Hi and thanks! I take my photos myself with just my little digicam. Thanks for the compliment! :) The dish is definately worth a try.