Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oignons Farcis Au Riz

   Definitely not the prettiest plate I've ever photographed, but very delicious nonetheless. Easing back into my Sunday with Julia actually took place on Saturday. I was just in "one of those moods". I figured, "Let's start with something simple". 'Someone' was wanting a steak so I started looking for a side dish, and came upon this! How perfect to go with steak! A stuffed onion baked in butter and wine! Sounds like Julia to me!

   Imagine French Onion Soup x 10. Al thought it was a very complicated process just to make some stuffed onions. I didn't. Rather cathartic in a way. My main suggestion if you were to attempt this recipe, as I found out, the bottom of your onion tends to fall out when you blanch it. Save a piece when you are scooping it out to plug that hole so the filling doesn't come out the bottom. That's what I did and it worked just fine. Julia would be so proud of my ingenuity.

   So I was left with a half pan of wine / onion juice after the baking was done. You will NEVER see me dump that much wine down the drain. So .... Al was grilling the steak - wine and mushroom sauce! Really that's all I did. I wish I could say it was something far more complicated but it didn't need to be. Sauteed mushrooms, basil (cause that was already in the dish), the leftover pan juices of wine and onion, mounted with a pat of butter, et voila!

   You can ignore the little basil leaf on the onion. Al asked if that was the only reason I needed basil from the store. No - there is basil in the stuffing. The dish just looked too brown so I wanted some color on top of it. LOL!

   I hope this post turns out okay. They seem to have reformatted blogger since I've last posted. Fingers crossed. "Sunday's With Julia" is reborn! :)