Sunday, March 27, 2011

Steak au Poivre avec Tomates à la Provençale

I think I decided a few days ago after seeing sirloins on sale in my Publix flyer that THAT was going to incorporate into my Julia Sunday.
First off - black and white peppercorns do not crack equally easily. I suspect my next cup of freshly ground coffee will have interesting flavor.

The steak was excellent, the flamed sauce divine. I had concerns as I researched that it was going to be some dish that was ALL about the sauce. It wasn't. And even though it pooled a bit in my plate? A perfect compliment to the steak. Not overtaking the dish.

Now - My biggest surprise of this day's cooking was the side dish I chose to make. The tomatoes!

Fresh and delicious! I've always been a fan of roasting fresh produce - I guess Julia was way ahead of me. ;)

I had to do the haricot vert just because I don't know how to make "squash" sound French.

A success. :) Bon Appetite!

p.s. I don't know if Julia had any feelings about the Dutch. I do know that the lady at the check out line today handing out samples of Dutch apple pie suggested French vanilla icecream to go with it. Who was i to argue?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Casserole-Sauteed Pork Chops

Well? Having had "date night" last night I was looking for something 1 - that I had most of the ingredients on hand and 2 - was easy. I LOVE a challenge but just wasn't up for one today. So my inspiration was the leftover half of pork tenderloin I found in the freezer. Voila! Who says Julia has to be expensive! I went to work with what I had on hand. :)

I have to say, the more I cook of Julia's recipes one truth holds - method. Always method. the simplest of ingredients transformed through method. I felt a bit of a failure for not taking on something more complicated today when I started. By the time I finished? Food is art in it's simplest form. I love it. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My first Julia dish made without an ounce of butter or wine. *Gasp!*
Having been out of town all weekend I wondered if I shouldn't just give my blog a rest this Sunday. I guess I just have a need for it. It's part of "me". So I decided my fix this Sunday would be a side dish - Ratatouille.
Ratatouille is an eggplant casserole of sorts with zuchinni, tomatoe, green peppers, onions..... etc. My first dilemma presented at the store late afternoon where the produce clerk informed me that they had been out of eggplant for weeks as I was attempting to locate my last ingredient on the way to check out. Usually I'd have gone out in search of my missing ingredient but having a late start on my project I decided to improvise. "Be Unafraid!" I marginally increased the quantities of the rest of my ingredients in hopes that method would carry the deliciousness of the dish.
Layers of flavor. Sauted zuchinni, peppers and onions, garlic, peeling tomatoes, basteing.... layering.......
It did! I know the eggplant would have lended more complexity and depth to the dish but really? It was fantastically yummy. Julia suggests serving as a side to a meat course (boiled meat was suggested. Sounds delish.) I thought it hearty enough to stand on it's own served simply with some crusty bread and dipping oil. I might have served it with some cheese though as well (afterthought).
Of course at some point I'm going to want to prepare this again once the national eggplant crisis has eased. (Seriously - to hear the clerk tell it? Wow)
I think Julia would approve. :)