Sunday, January 30, 2011

Potage Veloute Aux Champignons - Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom soup is really not one of those recipes that conjours up images of French cuisine. Quite the contrary - Cream of Mushroom soup makes me immediately think of tuna casserole come to think of it......

This dish was quite a process! I thought to myself, "Oh how simple a recipe to do today". And it was simple, just a process. Every step of which was worth it. There was not an inch in the bowl that didn't smack of mushroom flavor and richness.

One would usually expect a soup course to start a meal. This WAS the meal. Can you eat soup with a fork?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pate en Croute (Meatloaf Masquerade)

There are few things in cooking that challenge me quite like any form of pastry. You will rarely, if ever, see a blog entry from me about what a wonderful day of baking I've had because quite simply? It frustrates me consistently.

With that said - this recipe intrigued me completely so as to attempt it. After much debate as to the called for "from scratch" dough recipe vs store bought prepared pie dough..... I decided not to tempt fate today and purchased my dough from the store. Which is not to say that in itself still cannot be messed up put in my incapable hands! Side note - while a bottle of Limoncello may appear to be a suitable rolling pin substitute? It is not. The etchings in the glass make it an invariable dough shreader. Welcome to my afternoon! LOL!

As the pate cooks and shrinks there is a gap that occurs between the pate and pastry crust. It's suggested to fill that void with aspic. I prefer my broth as broth thank you., not gelatinous.

There is nothing "meatloaf" about this dish. It is a dreamy and rich pate enrobbed in crust and just melts on your tongue. I cut the recipe in half simply because I couldn't imagine eating leftovers of this for the whole next week without needing new britches by Friday!

Paired with a skinnied down version of my spinach salad, and although not as beautiful as Julia's - Success!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Return to Julia

I began this blog in May of last year. As happens with many things - life gets in the way. I've had a lot of changes during my hiatus, they needed to happen and take priority.

I received as a gift at Christmas time "As Always, Julia", a compilation of letters between Julia and Avis over the years. I spent a lazy day yesterday pouring through them. I refound what it has always been about Julia that I've been drawn to so many years - not just her cooking ability but her indominable spirit. "Be Unafraid!"

And so? Sundays with Julia is reborn. Stay tuned.