Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coq au Vin (Ragout of Chicken and Wine)

I think I was 13 and it was a class trip to Quebec. At the foot of Chateau Frontenac, in a small cafe, I enjoyed Coq Au Vin for the first time. I remember it distinctly because our parents had to sign a release pre trip for us to enjoy this dish in particular (and the accompanying glass of wine - Mom must not have had her coffee yet that morning. ;))
Today was just "one of those days". We all have them. In fact even though I'd shopped for all my ingredients yesterday? (FOUND the tomatoe paste in a tube!) I just wasn't feeling it today. I went back to bed.
I'm going to call the blanching and peeling of pearl onions "therapeutic".
Insane is all I can say about this dish. I think at one point Al looked at me as I was awaiting a reaction, "THAT is CRAZY good!" Success!
p.s. My hair and eyebrows are still intact. LOL!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lasagna a la Francaise (Self Explanatory)

"What word do the French use for lasagna?", he says.



So lasagna meets Julia and my afternoon is born. This is decadent and like no other lasagna I've ever prepared! Thanks to Wanda for the recomendation. Consisting of not one but TWO prepared from scratch sauces it did take much of the afternoon to prepare (I need two stoves - and more pots)

As the sound of Nascar fills my background the marinara first, then the noodles, sauteing mushrooms, spinach, chicken and turkey........ and just when I thought it couldn't possibly smell better in here? The wine and onion bechamel. *Swoon*

An assembly line of ingredients layed into the pan with care and method. A true work of art I thought to myself as I tucked it into the oven.

So I have a quip about the recipe. Two 2qt saucepans of sauce are called for to be made. One, the marina, is only dolloped sparingly over the top. Two, the bechamel? I only used half the quantity and thought possibly I had used too much in my lasagna. If I'd have realized before hand I'd have cooked more noodles and made a second pan! Once the dish sat for awhile to rest it was fine. I guess I'm having spaghetti and meatballs sometime this week. ;)

Definately not your typical lasgna. Definately worth the effort. DEFINATELY delicious!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Filets de Poisson Poches Au Vin Blanc (Fish Filets Poached in White Wine)

Typically this dish is prepared using a white fish. If I'm going to put a bottle of wine to a task, my fish had better stay together! Salmon it is! I particularly liked the look I got from the seafood guy when I asked if I could "smell his fish".

This was the quickest of Julia's recipes I've prepared to date. Quick and delicious! I'm not so sure cooking ability has anything to do with the deliciousness of some of these recipes though. I mean - throw enough wine and butter at something and it's bound to taste good right? LOL!

Seriously - I enjoyed this dish. It was quick and simple with good ingredients I would have paid for that plate. Yum.