Sunday, March 6, 2011


My first Julia dish made without an ounce of butter or wine. *Gasp!*
Having been out of town all weekend I wondered if I shouldn't just give my blog a rest this Sunday. I guess I just have a need for it. It's part of "me". So I decided my fix this Sunday would be a side dish - Ratatouille.
Ratatouille is an eggplant casserole of sorts with zuchinni, tomatoe, green peppers, onions..... etc. My first dilemma presented at the store late afternoon where the produce clerk informed me that they had been out of eggplant for weeks as I was attempting to locate my last ingredient on the way to check out. Usually I'd have gone out in search of my missing ingredient but having a late start on my project I decided to improvise. "Be Unafraid!" I marginally increased the quantities of the rest of my ingredients in hopes that method would carry the deliciousness of the dish.
Layers of flavor. Sauted zuchinni, peppers and onions, garlic, peeling tomatoes, basteing.... layering.......
It did! I know the eggplant would have lended more complexity and depth to the dish but really? It was fantastically yummy. Julia suggests serving as a side to a meat course (boiled meat was suggested. Sounds delish.) I thought it hearty enough to stand on it's own served simply with some crusty bread and dipping oil. I might have served it with some cheese though as well (afterthought).
Of course at some point I'm going to want to prepare this again once the national eggplant crisis has eased. (Seriously - to hear the clerk tell it? Wow)
I think Julia would approve. :)


  1. Initially there's a sense of panic that sets in when I am informed that this dish contains no wine or butter. Then, I recall the weekend and realize it's probably for the best. It never ceases to amaze me how Rachel can take a combination of relatively ordinary ingredients and come up with such an extrordinary dish. Very delicious!

    I do say we get to the bottom of this eggplant embargo because I still want to try the real thing. Penning a message to my congressman immediately!

  2. Looks yummy. Have not had Ratatouille in quite a while. and never had Julia's. I cannot believe Julia made something without Wine or butter,
    Was not aware of a shortage of eggplant. Perhaps it only down south.